Recession-Proof Your Business In Post Covid-19 World

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Check the Facts!

As the world economy tumbles as a result of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, many businesses have found themselves in lockdown and recession. We know the times are tough, and it is no surprise that businesses are fearful of declining revenue and begin to review budgets with cut back in areas including their Ad spend.

Research findings by Forbes and Harvard Business Review during the last 100 years of recession have shown that indiscriminate cutting of Ad budget is a mistake, but advertising during a recession is actually a smart business move to grow your business, gain visibility both now and in the future.

Here is the Opportunity

We are not unmindful of the support we have enjoyed from you in the past 25 years and are prepared to go the mile with you to reduce the impact of the current economic situation on your business.

In light of the above, Wetherheads is now offering a “9 for 12 months promo” on all our OOH platforms nationwide with effect from 1st May 2020. This promo offers advertisers a whopping discount of 25% on all our OOH platforms in 30 cities across Nigeria within a 12-month period. This move is in addition to one-month free exposure granted to all campaigns in the month of April 2020. The platforms include but are not limited to:

▪Airport Advertising
▪New BRT Bus Branding
▪Kwik Tower
▪Lamp Posts
▪LED Screens & Static Billboards
▪Bus Shelters


Airport Advertising

Airports are fantastic places to reach out to a large, often upmarket target audience. They offer significant dwell time for brands to engage with passengers who on average spend 30-45mins in the departure lounges. This excludes the other important dwell time spent at other points of their journey: traveling to and from the airport, waiting in departures and arrival areas, going through check-in, security, and waiting at the boarding gates. Every single point of the journey regardless of distance is an opportunity to engage with the consumer. Airports also create an optimum consumer mindset with a captive, relaxed and happy audience.

In Lagos, MMA2 is not just Nigeria’s most modern passenger-friendly airport facility and Nigeria’s best local airport, but also West Africa’s busiest domestic terminal. MMA2 records over 8,000 passengers and 45,000-foot traffic per day representing 75% of local airport traffic. For example, LOS – ABV from MMA2 records 20 flights daily. MMA2 is currently serving 13 cities across Nigeria. It is also worthy to note that the average air traveler is generally better educated, more sophisticated, and wealthier than the audience in any other advertising environment. With this in mind, we have installed LEDs and other static billboards at strategic locations of the airport for brands to enjoy limitless opportunities of exposure at premium locations while delivering value and excellent customer experience.

KWIK Tower

KWIK TOWER is an innovative 4-sided advertising display box measuring 1.25m(W) by 2.45m(H) specially designed to fit into a variety of public and private architecture, particularly at road intersections, gardens and lay-bys leading to minor access roads within the city center. The tower can come in non-lit and backlit options; with the latter employing environmentally sustainable green technology, powered by solar lighting.

We strongly believe that the platforms on offer will be pivotal in reaching your marketing goals for the year 2020. Take the lead, send your enquiries now to or call 09080040130

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